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High Tech Low Life

click here >huge invasive governments buddy up with megacorporations. >cryptocurrencies are booming. >political and social instability everywhere. >corruption is exposed mainly by hackers. >governments wage open or covert cyberwar on eachother and their citizens. >whistleblower hackers are hailed as heroes. >the internet and technology control every aspect of most people's everyday lives. The world already is cyberpunk. HIGH TECH LOW LIFE click here >Corps have the power and own the people >Tech so advanced it has no real use >People are created as cattle and so have to be allowed to breed in larger countries >Designer drugs so powerful and complex they can put you in a near permanent state of intoxication >Hacking and cybercrime so relevant they have organizations with recognizable brands and names and are talked about on major news stations. >World decaying as we continue to let smog corrode our skys and dump radioactive poison in our waters What are we missing? Besides cyber enhancements and working robo-prosthetic? (which are literally both around the corner with the tech labs getting the money they get from mega-corps looking for beefed meat in the security sector.) Not long before youll see them lobbying for the same guns rights nuclear plants get, just you wait boy. ________________________________________________________________ >how do I into cyberpunk? You start by reading. A lot. - Cheap Truth (the zine) - everything by Wm Gibson, starting with the Burning Chrome collection and then Sprawl trilogy - most of what Bruce Sterling, John Shirley et. al wrote - Shockwave Rider, and Last Stand on Zanzibar - Tiger, Tiger - most of the early writings of Neal Stephenson - the Altered Carbon series (if you can stomach the blood bath) Manga: - Gunnm - GitS - Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou (stealthily cyberpunk - very slow, very good) Movies - Blade Runner - Tetsuo the Iron Man and others from that collective (if you can stomach the gore) Tech nonfiction, read up on topics such as - network and communications, including wireline and RF - RF and optics including stealth, and read the radio primer paste at http://pastebin.com/9uYXMhVm - bio including gene tech, CRISPS/Cas9 is about to blow the roof off society How society works - Cargo Cult Science by Feynman - introductory organizational theory (both will tell you how messed up society and human really is) ________________________________________________________________ Anime: -Serial Experiments Lain -Armitage III -Area 88 OVA -Cyber City Oedo 808 -Black Magic M66 -Interstella 55555 -Space Dimension Fortress Macross -Bubblegum Crisis -Space Runaway Ideon -AD Police -Parasite Dolls -Megazone 23 -Texhnolyze -Ergo Proxy -Psycho-pass -Alien 9 -MD Geist -Neo Tokyo -.hack -Gasaraki -Ghost in the Shell: SAC -Ghost in the Shell 1995 -Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence -Paranoia Agent -Akira -Patlabor 2 -Jin-Roh -Key the Metal Idol -Wicked City -Ninja Scroll -Demon City Shinjuku ________________________________________________________________

source: /cyb/ + /sec/: Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General on /g/